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Cotaliya De La Livre


Equestrian + Equine Influencer +Entrepreneur

Bienvenue and Welcome to Cotaliya.Com!


Entrepreneur and Equestrian Cotaliya de la Livre is a growing  Social Media Equestrian Influencer, Brand-Model and Ambassador. Due to Cotaliya's recent achievements and being a pure rarity in this field, she is in great demand. Owner of Ride+Remedy, the only Luxury Equestrian Brand owned by a woman of color, Cotaliya is catching the eye of multiple international companies and media outlets. With quick success as a rider and being the new face of trending Equine-Fashion and non-fashion Trailblazers, Cotaliya can be seen at the Nation's Largest Equine Tradeshow in August 2024 in Dallas, Texas.

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