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Equestrian + Equine Ambassador +Entrepreneur

Cotaliya De La Livre, American-French competitive equestrian, global equine brand ambassador, and founder of the luxury equine brand Ride + Remedy, currently resides in Sweet Home Alabama.  Cotaliya is a true southern girl who prides herself on family, tradition, and heritage. Being a successful entrepreneur since the early age of 15 and a competitive athlete as a child it was no surprise this mentality seamlessly carried into adulthood. 


 After months of rigorous training with her highly decorated equestrian instructors Kathee Mcquire & Diana McClintock of Amazing Gaits Equestrian Center, Cotaliya has garnered the respect & attention of many accomplished equestrians and equine brands. Winning her first ever Show Jumping and Dressage competition has assisted in being acknowledged by some of the Equestrian World's leading riders and respected figures. 


 She is a global equine brand influencer & Model for national & international brands like Ellany & Equinavia. To perfect her skills, Cotaliya as a growing equine influencer has studied, mentored, & communed with some of the most decorated equestrians who have competed nationally in $50,000 Grand Prix Competitions. Cotaliya is a rarity in the equestrian industry and Gulf Coast and continues to be a positive representation to all dreamers!

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